An exclusive division for campers entering 5th grade. A tailor-made program specializing in individual attention and bringing out each and every camper’s potential. Handpicked, warm, caring, counselors will greet your child everyday & give her an unforgettable summer full of ruach and fun!

Some of the exciting features of CC Gummy Bears:

    • On/off campus weekly trips and activities
    • Weekly in-camp-events
    • Top-notch main activities with top-notch head counselors 
  • Small bunks with hand-picked counselors full of ruach and looking to give their full attention and love to each camper.
  • Specialty directors offering baking, arts & crafts, specialty crafts, dance, choir, shiur and organized sports a few times a week per bunk
  • Genuine ruach & singing!!
  • Lunch, snacks, and drinks provided daily 
  • Oneg Shabbos performances
  • Stunning heated pool!
  • FREE camp bag, camp shirt to be worn on all camp trip days & many more CC surprises!
  • Exclusive grade late night!
  • Leaders of CC Carnival & game show!
  • FREE camp bag and camp shirt to be worn with a shell on all camp trip days & many more CC surprises!
  • In accordance with tznius, all shirts worn to camp must cover elbows and skirts must cover knees at all times.